A place of refuge, a haven, and a secure base to step out from. Safety is a key element of treatment at Integrate Place. Our assessment seeks to find areas of your life that you do not feel safe and helps you work towards safety in those areas. Safety includes social, financial and relationships, security in your body, your mind, your sense of self and also your spirituality. A sense of safety is part of normal human relationships – and is a prerequisite for growth.

Our commitment to you

  • You will be treated as a unique valuable human being.
  • Your real personal history, family and community context will be validated.
  • Care will focus on mental health promotion and connection with you and your goals.
  • Assessment of your physical health will be considered an important part of caring for the whole you.
  • Any personal spirituality that you have will be treated with respect.

Your commitment to us

  • You are responsible for your journey of growth, for the choices and paths that you take
  • You are responsible for practicalities such as keeping and paying for appointments.
  • You are responsible for communicating any complaints or suggestions (or gratefulness!)

ASCA Guidelines for trauma informed care

Adults Surviving Child Abuse ( released internationally acclaimed guidelines in trauma informed care in 2013. The key areas of care that they outline are SAFETY (ensure physical and emotional safety), TRUSTWORTHINESS (use task clarity, consistency and interpersonal boundaries), CHOICE (maximise consumer choice and control), COLLABORATION (prioritise collaboration and power sharing) and EMPOWERMENT (prioritise empowerment and skill building). These principles are highly valued at Integrate Place.  For more info click here.