Importance of authenticity

Authentic encounters with each person’s real history and self. One of the key principles at Integrate Place is taking as wide a view of our assessment as possible.

We are hoping to understand you, your life story and how you are right now. Sometimes we can be experiencing such a complex mix of things in our history and our present that we need courage to dare to see and share what is there.

Authentic connection is a key building block to thorough assessment and care.

Dr Johanna Lynch

MBBS(UQ) FRACGP Grad Cert (Health Studies Grief and Loss)(UQ)

Founding director of Integrate Place, Dr Johanna Lynch is a general practitioner with post graduate training in grief and loss and ongoing professional education in trauma and attachment. Her unique skill set facilitate the promotion of mental health in a primary care setting. She has a special interest in survivors of childhood trauma and facilitating each person’s growth within their community.

Dr Lynch has published an article entitled Beyond symptoms: Defining primary care mental health clinical assessment priorities, content and process. (Soc Sci Med, 2012. 74 (2): p. 143-9.)  and is currently pursuing further post graduate study through University of Queensland.

Dr Lynch is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Member of the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine and the Cannan Institute, the Advisory Board of Adults Surviving Child Abuse ( and Academic Fellow of UQ.

Our Values

At Integrate Place, we place a high value on each person, their own values, autonomy, and journey choices. This includes an understanding that informed consent and clear communication of values is important for both therapist and client.

Current research has revealed that each human interaction and endeavour is influenced by underlying values.  Being open and respectful of each person’s values, including the therapists, is part of the culture of Integrate Place.  Our aim is to create a place that you can truly be yourself. 

  • Safe – A place of refuge, a haven, and a secure base to step out from.
  • Real – Authentic encounters with each person’s real history and self.
  • Connected – Therapeutic interconnections that model safe, boundaries relationships.
  • Community – Grounded amidst each person’s community and linking with the therapeutic community.
  • Growth - A goal of individual and communal movement towards mental wellness and wholeness.
  • Quality - Personal, clinical and research excellence.
  • Hope - A place that encourages and nurtures hope.