A place that encourages and nurtures hope. Hope is such an important part of being human... it keeps us going. Sometimes in the early stages of therapy – the therapist has to lend hope to the person struggling in the midst of their problem. Gradually hope returns and gives strength and meaning and purpose to keeping on going.

Our Vision

Integrate Place exists in order to provide a place of safety in your community that enables your individual journey of growth. Integrate Place provides a place of hope, a place of authentic connection, a place to grow, a place where each step towards wholeness will be celebrated. 

Therapists in their community are in a unique position of carrying an awareness of the losses and traumas experienced by families in their care. They are also uniquely positioned as advocates for community outcomes in prevention and early intervention and can facilitate safe encounters with grief in a supportive and validating environment.

The journey towards mental health is a lifelong pathway. Each person has potential to grow towards wholeness in many aspects of themselves, their interactions with others and their search for meaning in the midst of life. Integrate Place aims to be a safe place to grow.