From Therapist & Students

  • “I have felt so blessed to have been a part of Integrate Place. The knowledge I gained, not only for my practice as an arts therapist, but also for me personally. I learnt about the power of hope, kindness and heart. I will never forget my time as part of the team at Integrate Place.... and the laughter, I loved the laughter!”   Elise

  • “Thankyou Integrate Place ... openness, heartwarming, hope, togetherness. My eyes and heart and mind have been opened for new ways of working and being it has been a wonderful journey.” Fiona

  • “Integrate a Place to grow and a time to consolidate” Anon

  • “Thankyou for your love and acceptance of everybody whatever their pain or its source. You find the beauty in everyone.” L

  • “It has been a priviledge and joy to be a part of Integrate Place, even if for a short time. Looking forward to hear what the next chapter entails. God Bless” Esther
  • “Thankyou for the time we have had together. I ahve learned a great deal about myself in the process but most of all I have appreciated your genuine interest and concern. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge with me, feeling sad with me and also modelling for me the way a professional relationship should appear! I have found great benefit from sharing my story with you and pouring it into your listening ear – I have found you to be warm, genuine and respectful. Thankyou very much.” D

  • “I can still remember the excitement of the early days as you created a vision for what Integrate Place would be. In those five years, many hears have been soothed, light has been brough to the darkest of places and many who had felt judged elsewhere came and found not only acceptance, but a returned relationship with God. These are not small things. I still feel it was a priviledge to be a very small part of that.....Integrate Place was a blessing to many and that its legacy will continue in the hearts of all those patients who found healing behind its door.” Leisa

  • “You have piloted a great concept Jo and I am sure learnt much and provided amazing support to your patients, which is invaluable.” Trish

  • “Not a moment goes past when Integrate Place is not on my mind. I miss you all so much... the creaky door just after the tinkles of laughter from the front room, the computer who goes “bong”, the cranky post man... and the nice one who delivers to the desk, cars that go beep with Kiri rushing out the door to wave, snakes crawling through the undergrowth at my window,...hugs and tears and laughter and learning and leaning and caring and loving as well as profound revelations, shocking discoveries and lots of cakes. My life and practice will never be the same. Nor do I want it to be. I was blessed to experience Integrate Place and I would do it all over again in an instant.” Gillian


  • “Dear Dr Jo – There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate and thankyou for all you are and given to me on my healing journey. Thankyou and hope all the next season of change will continue to be a blessing to all who know you and will come to you.” DJ

  • “Thankyou for providing such a safe and supportive place. You really do make a difference. A light in the dark and a hand to hold. Thankyou for existing !!! “ Prina

  • “thankyou for all your love and support. Without Integrate Place I would have not healed and would still be struggling in the mental health system. Your understanding and unconditional love has been amazing. Thankyou for everything. Tara

  • “You’re amazing. Thankyou so much for being part of my journey, thank u for believing in me, I never thought working through my abuse was possible until I met you. Thank u for believing in me. Thanks.” Jenny

  • “Thankyou for helping so many confused souls go on in this life of love, light and learning..” Kym

  • “Thankyou for yesterdays session. You completely hit the nail on the head and I feel I accomplished more with you yesterday than what I have in about the last five years with other therapists. I guess once you compartmentalise things effectively, then you know which way to move next, so thank you so much.” Sharni

  • “Integrate Place has been like a safety haven for me over the past couple of years” Kay

Other community members and professionals:

  • “Your wonderful ministry over the years has been exciting to observe. Thankyou so much for the openings you have given me to be involved in ministry to folk I have learned to respect. “ Bill

  • “It is so horrid that such a visionary model has proven unsustainable but there is a reality.” Cathy, President, ASCA

  • “You have done a marvellous job in the creation of Integrate Place  and you have given  structure, meaning and empathy to those who were hungry for it.” Wendy

  • “I think Integrate was setup with a wonderful notion and powerful contribution in holding those people whom often slip through the cracks. By definition those people are not catered for by the mainstream are not funded by the mainstream sources  and need support in ways not always encouraged by the mainsteam....You hit an important need.” John

  • “Your practice has been a blessing to so many people – the women and families I have seen have received so much from you and your team. The work you have done has been truly marvellous.” Di