Integrate Place FAQ's

Do I need a referral?
No referral is necessary. Dr Lynch is a GP and can therefore accept patients without a referral from their own GP. However, any extra information or past referrals and file notes that you do have can be brought with you as they may be useful background information.

How long is the appointment?
The appointments are usually 45minutes to an hour. Please be aware however, due to the nature of the sessions, in some cases the time may run a little over scheduled. 

Can I bring my husband/wife/friend/significant other with me? 
You may certainly bring someone with you to the appointment for support. If you are agreeable and/or it is your wish, they may sit in on the first session with you initially, then wait outside for the remainder of the time, or they may stay with you for the full session. It is entirely at your discretion.

What is my commitment?
The first appointment is an initial assessment. You are in no way obligated to continue appointments. The first appointment is a chance for you to assess whether this is right person for you to be speaking with and whether you feel you can form a positive therapeutic relationship with them.

Is there confidentiality?
As with all professional consultations your session is kept confidential. You will also have a choice about are referral or consultations with other medical professionals. If there is any other member of your family attending the clinic or requesting information we will not discuss your case with anyone without your written consent.

How often do I make appointments?
Initially appointments may be weekly or fortnightly, then monthly, or however often you feel you need to touch base. The counsellor may give her recommendation, but the choice is entirely yours.

Appointment reminders are sent as a courtesy via text 2-3 days prior to your appointment. However, if you do not give 2 working days notice, or do not attend your appointment on the day, you will be billed a cancellation fee of $110.00 (incl GST) which is unfortunately not refundable by Medicare. Please note that the Baywest Practice do not have an answering machine so cancellations will need to be made during working hours.

Is there a waiting list?
There is often a waiting list and you may leave your name, contact number and best day/time for an appointment and we will call you as soon as an appointment becomes available.

How much does the appointment cost?
In most cases the first appointment is an initial assessment and is billed as a Mental Health Assessment Plan. This allows for a further ten appointments and review appointment which attract a Medicare Rebate. We can process the rebate at the time of your appointment immediately after you have paid.

Full Fee

  • The first appointment = $250.00
  • The Medicare rebate = $131.45
  • Gap = $118.55

Subsequent appointments are:

  • Full Fee: $200.00.
  • The Medicare rebate = $130.15
  • Gap = $69.85

Concession (pensioner/student/health care card holder) 

  • The first appointment is $200.00. 
  • The Medicare rebate = $131.45 
  • Gap = $68.55

Subsequent appointments are:

  • Full Fee: $180.00
  • The Medicare rebate = $130.15
  • Gap = $49.85

Should you require further appointments than the 10 allocated under the Mental Health Assessment Plan, these may be billed as a GP appointment.

  • Full Fee  $190.00
  • The Medicare rebate = $103.50 
  • Gap = $86.50

Concession (pensioner/student/health care card holder) 

  • Full Fee: $170.00.
  • The Medicare rebate = $103.50 
  • Gap = $66.50

How can I pay?

Payment is expected at the time of consultation. You may pay via cash, cheque or credit card. You will need to have the full amount of the appointment cost available as the rebate is processed afterwards.

Am I able to communicate with the doctor between appointments? 

Please be aware the doctor is usually booked with patients and will not be able to return phone calls. However, you may always leave a message with the front desk in between appointments if there is something urgent to communicate.