Therapeutic interconnections that model safe, boundaried relationships are part of the treatment at Integrate Place. Connection is such a deep foundational need of humans and it is often a place of pain and hurt. One of the challenges of healing is reconnecting with ourselves and others and our community.

Individual supervision

Dr Lynch provides individual supervision for therapists working within the community. Please enquire at 33965309 for further information. Integrate Place provides a safe place for the therapist in their personal and professional journey of growth.

Multidisciplinary group supervision

A multidisciplinary group supervision meets monthly – pioneering transdisciplinary learning around case studies –  intentionally providing a safe space for both therapist and client learning.

This group joined the Mental Health Professionals Network ( when it came into being and have been placed on the honour role of that organisation. Participants have expressed a joy in working together respectfully, and in learning to see things in different ways as each paradigm is respected.

If you are interested in joining this group – call 33965309 or contact the MHPN.